The Wellesley area is a beautiful place to both make a life and buy a new car. This town, just outside of Boston, Massachusetts offers more than just one of the best Mazda dealerships in the country. 
This town, which is just a few short miles from two of the most famous sporting venues - Fenway Park and Gillette Stadium - is also home to the most beautiful parks, educational and artistic museums, fun family activities and so much more.

Day at the Park

Feeling like a day of adventure with the family? Wellesley is the perfect place to make a memory. Start this day with a quick trip to your Mazda dealer in Wellesley to get your family loaded in the perfect family vehicle, like the Mazda CX-5, to take the eight minute drive to a park that has been fondly referred to as a playground utopia. This park that includes giant maple trees, a towering tubular slide and structure for the older kids, a separate playspace for tots, a large sandbox for your artistic little ones and even a large hill for those fun winter days.

For those who prefer a park with open fields and meadows, wooded areas to use your imagination in or even historic formal gardens then take the shorter drive from Wellesley Mazda to The Gardens at Elm Bank. 

Get Some Culture

Wellesley, MA is also a great place to enjoy a bit of culture, which you and your family are sure to enjoy. Along with being the home to one of the most historic colleges - Wellesley College - Wellesley, MA also offers activities that could even mean a night of culture that you and your spouse are sure to enjoy. If you have been looking for the perfect date night, get behind the wheel of a new Mazda3 and head out to enjoy a night with the Wellesley Symphony Orchestra. 

Driving Famous Routes

The Wellesley, MA area is also home to one of the most famous marathons in the country. Although most would prefer running the Boston Marathon route, not everyone would call themselves a runner. If you are thinking about making the trip to this area to check out the all the new Mazda cars on our lot, be sure get behind the wheel of Mazda's most famous sports car - the Mazda Miata to take an equally legendary cruise.

Get to One of the Most Unique Towns in the Boston Area

As you can see Wellesley is definitely one of the most unique towns around the Boston, MA area and definitely the perfect place to find a new or used Mazda car as well as the perfect place to enjoy some unforgettable memories. So, get here today!

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