Our Staff at Wellesley Mazda

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  • Darren Bonanno
    General Manager

    After working in the Automotive Industry for many years, I had the opportunity to join the team at Wellesley Mazda in 2006. What attracted to me the Family Run company was the way they treat their customers and employees. One of the big differences is the fact that we do not have a commission sales team. Every one is on a salary based based plan so it takes the pressure off and we are here to take care of the customers. With Our transparent approach to helping customers It makes the experience stress free. I enjoy coming to work everyday knowing how we are able to help regular people buy and service cars with out any ambiguity. Come in sometime and see for yourself. 

  • Greg Falk
    Sales Manager

  • Rodrigo Nadal
    Sales Manager

  • Alex Bonanno
    Business Manager

  • Samual Prinston
    Product Consultant

  • Mariah Ross
    Product Consultant

  • Michaela Mulry
    Priductn Consultant

  • Jared Berube
    Product Specialist

  • Christine Mello
    Product Consultant

  • Greg Flowers
    Product Consultant

    I started my career at a large Dealer Group where I was just another employee. It wasn't until the past two years while working with the Shaker Auto Group that I saw advancement, which is why I will never leave. When you visit Wellesley Mazda the person greeting you could very well be the owner. The warmth and appreciation of your time will be the same and just like me, you will not want to leave. 

  • Krystal Miller
    Product Consultant

  • Henry Diep
    Product Consultant

  • Erik Olson
    Service Director

    Hi, my name is Erik Olson. I am the service director for Wellesley Mazda and North Shore Mazda. I have been with the Shaker Group for more than 5 years.

    My love of cars brought me into the automotive business in 1983. I have worked almost every position in the service department, from car wash to shop Foreman to Management. At both our locations we strive to give our customers top quality factory trained service. From an employee that has done all aspects of service we exceed my expectations.

    Married with three children, I devote as much time as possible to my kid's homework and sports. My wife and I are active in our town's p.t.o and intramural sports.

    Please feel free to stop in and say hello when you visit one of our dealerships.

  • Chuck Lutz
    Parts Director

    Hi, my name is Chuck Lutz. Presently, I am the parts director for Wellesley Mazda, Cape Cod Mazda and North Shore Mazda.  I have been a proud member of the Shaker Auto Group for more than 6 years. I hold certifications as a Mazda master parts director.

    I have been in the automotive industry for 25 years.  I hold a degree in Automotive Technology from Franklin Institute in Boston, MA. Prior to that I attended Bentley College for business management.

    Married with two children, I enjoy spending free time with my family.  I coach both of my children in various sports, football, softball and baseball.  Previously, I have coached many sporting programs for both Greater Marlboro Programs and Belmont Recreation athletes training for the Special Olympics.  I was on the area board for the Department of Mental Health.


    Please feel free to stop in and say hello when you visit one of our dealerships, I look forward to meeting you.

  • Alex Kamergorodsky
    Customer Care Coordinator
    866-455-6675 ext. 119

    Hello! My name is Alexander Kamergorodsky. I was born in Ukraine and graduated from Kharkov State University. I worked for the USSR State Committee for Foreign Economic Relations first in South Yemen and then in India after graduation.

    I came to the United States with my family in 1999, and joined Hometown Auto Inc. (now Shaker Auto Group) in 2001 as the Customer Care Coordinator of Wellesley Mazda from day one of its existence, and during all this time I've been Mazda Master Certified.

    The top priority of my daily work is to ensure the complete satisfaction of every customer with his or her sales, service and maintenance, car delivery and follow-up experience. We are happy to tell our customers that they are ALWAYS WELCOME at Wellesley Mazda.

    My range of interest includes reading, playing tennis, world and American history, numismatics, etc. After coming to this country I've become a great fan of Boston/New England teams, and I consider myself a proud member of the Red Sox-Patriots-Celtics-Bruins and Revolution (NE soccer team) Nation.

    Dear friends, Welcome to Wellesley Mazda!