Find Quality Used Cars in Wellesley, MA Under $10K


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When it comes to finding the first car for the new driver in the family, or you're searching for a replacement vehicle, Wellesley Mazda makes life easy for shoppers when they visit the bargain inventory at our dealership. We have a substantial list of pre-owned low-mileage models under $10K just

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Kelley Blue Book Revels in the New 2017 Mazda CX-5

When Mazda redesigns a vehicle, “holistic” is the best way to describe their approach. That focus on detail is part of why recent models aren’t just fun to drive, but boast style beyond their price. The story is no different with the 2017 CX-5, fresh off the press from its second-generation redesign.

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Gear Up for Spring at Wellesley Mazda

At Wellesley Mazda, we know people across New England are ready for summer —but what about their car, truck or SUV? We encourage drivers from across greater-Boston to schedule a spring tune up at our Wellesley-based parts and service today to make sure their car is ready for all the summer travel ahead. From changing out winter tires to all-seasons, to changing the oil, refreshing fluids and switching out filters, spring is a great time to get your car the routine maintenance it needs to stay running efficient and reliable.


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Maintaining a Car on a Budget for Safety

It is important to keep your car well-maintained to have a safe and comfortable ride. While car maintenance is not necessarily difficult to accomplish, it can get costly to do so, particularly if you have an older car. Here are some ways to maintain your car when you are on a budget.

1) Maintain the standard recommended maintenance such as oil changes and tire rotation. Doing so will help to keep your car from breaking down which can expose you to unsafe conditions. While there is a cost of this maintenance, it is relatively minor in amount and should not…

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