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"Authentic and professional"

I called Wellesley Mazda for a used Toyota. I spoke w/ Joseph Castoldi. Joe was authentic and professional. He welcomed me and made me feel important. I have referred Joe to family & friends who are looking for cars and will continue to do so.
slscipione, Dealerrater

"I would recommend Wellesley Mazda over it's competitors in Mass."

I went to purchase a Mazda 3 iTouring a few weeks ago. I went in initially for a test drive and went through a preliminary negotiation. I came back on Saturday and worked with a different salesperson, Joe Castoldi who was great. He was low pressure, and tried to keep the back and forth to a minimum, which I appreciated. The finance guy Sal was great as well. We ran into an issue with the registration for some reason but it was resolved and I don't consider it to be the fault of the dealership. I would recommend Wellesley Mazda over its competitors in Mass.
straightcashhomie, Dealerrater

"I will always go here and send everyone I know here!"

The BEST EXPERIENCE ever had! HONEST, nice very understanding,hard working very professional. Not pushy at all.with them its not about making a sale its about making you happy. I am very happy. I will always go here and send everyone I know here.
courtlea023)00, Dealerrater

"Excellent experience even though I didn't end up buying a car"

I'll start my saying that I did NOT end up buying a car here, but had a great experience none the less.I came in and before I even got in the door, Wayne greeted me and asked how I can help. I told him I was looking for a MazdaSpeed3 and his face lit up - was happy to show me the car they had and answer any questions I had about it. I had quite a few technical questions and he knew it all. We test drove it and he was helpful but never pushy or aggressive - only told me stuff when I asked. He clearly knew everything about the car and really loved that car.I needed to bring in my trade in which I did the next day. Again Wayne was very welcoming. We sat down, i asked him to clarify some things on the warranty and he did. The price I wanted was below what he could make and the manager Danny came out.Things got a little worse here, as Danny was long winded and a bit aggressive. Still not too bad but instantly made me less inclined to buy the car from them when he said things "I can't run a dealership like this". I explained where I was getting my numbers from and they listened and acknowledged that I wasn't saying anything unreasonable. Eventually we parted ways on $500, although they called me the day after agreeing to my offer. Unfortunately, I wanted to explore some other deals and walked away. If not for Danny's games I would've made the deal on the spot, but it is what it is. I'm not against coming here in the future.If you want a mazda and a great salesman, go here and ask for Wayne.
levenzaha, Dealerrater

"Made me feel like a real person and not a credit score."

I have known Wellsley Mazda for many years and I go in every once in a while to check out new models. Well my credit is not too good and I need to get out of my Saturn that I owe way too much on. Well I have talk to many Salesmen at many dealerships and all of them want to talk about my credit score. Well not Mr Wayne Xides he never mentioned my credit he got me looking at vehicles I wanted and made me feel like a real person and not a credit score. I could not be happier with the service. I would recommend anyone to this dealership and especially Wayne. Me and My Fiance will be back next week.
Aaron Watson, Dealerrater

" Wow! This was the best experience anyone could ever hope for when buying a new car."

Wow! This was the best experience anyone could ever hope for when buying a new car. The sales staff was friendly, honest and not pushy at all. I originally got price quotes at 3 other Mazda Dealerships. All three of them tried to add additional charges totaling about $1200. Their low quotes were a trick to get me in their showroom. Boy did I feel taken advantage of. Wellesley Mazda asked us to come in for a hassle free test drive. We were so impressed that we bought that night. I can't believe that people still fall for those deceptive tricks. Wellesley Mazda has earned a customer for life.

Mazdalover, Dealerrater

"I was very happy with how I was treated overall at Wellesley Mazda."

I was very happy with how I was treated overall. I initially went there on a Saturday to see what I could get for my trade towards another vehicle. I was greeted very nicely by my Sales Consultant, Richie. He was very friends and seemed to want to make me happy. I am not generally a fan of car salesman(like anyone is). But, I was pleased that I didn't feel any pressure to buy a specific car. Unfortunately, on this visit we were not able to come up with a good deal that I could afford. So, I left with no pressure. I continued my search for a car and when I was just about to sit down and talk numbers at another dealership, Richie called to say he hoped I had a good experience with him, even though we couldn't make a deal. I like that. I made a tentative deal with the other dealership. But, because they were taking almost 3 days to get everything worked out, I figured I would give Richie another shot to make a good deal for me. We talked through a few things on the phone and he made arrangements for things to move quickly when I got to the dealership. I got there, spoke to the sales manager and Richie, got approved at the payments I wanted in 30 minutes. Even though it was the end of their day, everyone at the dealership worked diligently to make things happen. I would highly recommend Wellesley and ask for Richie Dinkins
Kenneth, Google Reviews

"Honest Sales People, No Fuss!"

Walked in yesterday to check out a 2007 Mazda 5 and walked out 6 hours later with a 2012 Mazda 5! Great deals, honest salespeople, no fuss. Granted, it was a Monday morning, and the place was very quiet. Still--things moved quickly, even with our trade in and we were able to drive the car off the lot that day! We worked with Bill, who was a great salesperson, not at all pushy, very honest and straightforward and comfortable to be around. We liked him a lot. Paperwork was a long process and we signed about 10 thousand pieces of paper, but, again, everyone we encountered was friendly and straight forward. I liked this dealership because it was small and accessible. It didn't feel like a car selling factory like some places I have been. Would highly recommend. Ask for Bill if you go!
Kristy P., Google Places

"Wellesley Mazda Lives up to its Reputation "

I went to Wellesley Mazda based on the reviews from this site. The dealership definitely lived up to its reputation. I worked with Richie Dinkins and he was very laid back, personable, and knowledgeable. He didn't apply any pressure to make a sale on my 1st trip to the dealer. After test driving the car (2012 Mazda5) he respected my decision that I was just doing first pass on cars and was not ready to purchase at that time.

Because of his attitude, after settling on the Mazda 5 I definitely wanted to come to back to Wellesley and Richie to work on a sale. The sales process was easy and there were no surprises. Richie answered all my questions or got people who could. The model/color car I wanted was not on site, but it delivered within a week.

The finance people were good too. Because I have security alerts on my credit they were able to get me the information to thaw my account so they could run the credit check. One minor gripe was that they did not tell me that I actually qualified for a lower rate than advertised. But during the finance part of the sale they were able adjust the payments quickly.

I would go back again for another purchase there.

cmlim, Dealerrater

"My buying experience at Wellesley Mazda was the best experience I have ever had at a car dealership"

My buying experience at Wellesley Mazda was the best experience I have ever had at a car dealership. I purchased my first car from Bill Iannelli who was SO supportive and helpful throughout the entire process. I was very apprehensive at first because I was use to having my parents around for guidance, but he made the experience very comfortable through his honesty and is dedication to customer service. He even asked his colleague to stay after hours so I could pick-up my new car! Wellesley Mazda embodies all of the qualities of an all-star dealership: reliability, constant customer care, and honesty.

Thanks, Bill!!

tsyariff, Dealerrater

"I wanted to post here what a positive experience I had at Wellesley Mazda."

Although I didn't ultimately buy a car from them, I wanted to post here what a positive experience I had at Wellesley Mazda. I worked with Wayne Xides, and he could not have been nicer or more knowledgeable about the Mazda 3. All the conversations were very relaxed, no sales pressure techniques whatsoever. I was shopping a little early in the life cycle of the 2012 Madza 3 model, before they had a manual in. After I drove the automatic, he arranged for me to test drive a manual and was very organized in his presentation of the various trim levels of the car. I ultimately did not buy it because it was not going to be available in the Grand Touring trim level with a manual (apparently corporate Mazda was confused on this point as well) but I was sorry I could not give him the sale. Highly recommended. I think all the sales people at this dealership work on salary, it definitely contributes to a nicer shopping experience. I was cracking up that there was a 'dealer cat' out front greeting customers (her name is Miata).
episue, Dealerrater

"Bill treated me with utmost respect"

I am a 26 year old female and first time new car buyer, so the idea of dealing with a car salesman was intimidating. However, Bill treated me with utmost respect and by the time the sale was finalized I felt like I was being treated like family. Once you walk in, they are interested in finding a car that suits your needs by going through some questions before you take anything for a test drive, however everything is done in a timely manner. Bill was very knowledgeable about all features and aspects of the vehicle and went through everything very thoroughly. He was able to answer any questions I had. That same day I had went to nearby Subaru and Honda dealerships that definitely did not provide the same personalized experience as Wellesley Mazda. I highly recommend at least stopping at Wellesly Mazda even if you don't think you want to buy a Mazda (I started the day thinking I was going to buy a subaru).
jld53185, Dealerrater

"Thanks to Richard, it was a great experience and very convenient!"

Richard Dinkins called to let me know that there was a big demand for 2010 Mazda 3 hatchbacks. He offered to show me a 2011 Mazda 3 hatchback and told me he would be able to match my present lease payment OR lower the payment. I went to Wellesley Mazda and in 2 hours I drove out in a new car (3 year lease) with a lower monthly payment. Thanks to richard, it was a great experience and very convenient. I'm glad Richard called!

Karen Leopardi, Dealerrater

"I've had the best experience ever at Wellesley Mazda!"

I've had the best experience ever at Wellesley Mazda. Everyone from the sales manager to the sales associate bent over backwards to facilitate my purchase. They went over all the paper work and answered all my questions with great patience. The best thing for me was that they arranged new plates and registration so that I didn't have to go to the registry myself.
They even scheduled my first oil change which is free and said that I could have a loaner if I needed it. I've had many automobiles and I can honestly say that this is the best dealership I've done business with.

amt62, Dealerrater

"Wellesley Mazda: A Wonderful Experience "

My experience with Wellesley Mazda as a whole in leasing my new car was truly a wonderful experience. Bill Ianelli was terrific! He defies what many car customers, including myself, dread when it comes to purchasing a car- a pushy, obnoxious salesperson. He was professional, knowledgeable  and friendly. I never once felt like he was trying to get a sale from me. That is not to say that he was not encouraging about the car. In fact, I was deciding between the CX7 and the CX9 and he never once tried to sway me towards one over another.There are many other local Mazda dealerships around and I chose this one primarily because of Bill. Other folks I dealt with at the dealership were Mitch Harris and Alex Kamergorodsky. Both were professional, friendly, and knowledgable as well. Not only am I thrilled with the new car but knowing that the dealership is a pleasure to work with is so reassuring. I highly recommend Wellesley Mazda. And I give top marks to Bill Ianelli.
Amy Suestern, Dealerrater

"Wellesley Mazda Has a Great Team of People"

Wellesley Mazda has a great team of people who are easy to work with, friendly, and informative. I worked mostly with Bill I. and thought he went above and beyond what I expected from a dealer. This dealership is definitely recommended.
Jill, Google Places

"This dealership gave me a fair deal on my car"

This dealership gave me a fair deal on my car. Plus the service was good. They made me feel good after I bought the vehicle.
Lin, Google Places


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