Buying a new car can be expensive, but there is another option. Leasing a car allows you to get a new car without the expense and commitment of buying one.

Reasons to lease
Leasing allows you to get a new car for less money, as lease payments usually are lower than loan payments for a comparable vehicle. Leasing also allows you to always have a new car that is covered by a warranty, since a lease is typically two or three years.

Reasons to buy
When you buy a car, you have a little more flexibility, as you can shop around for loan terms. Buying also allows you to have an asset that's worth something once you are done making the payments. Buying also allows you to drive the car as much as you want, since you don't have the mileage restrictions of a lease.

If you are considering buying or leasing a new car, stop by our dealership today to see your options.
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