When you are taking your 2017 Mazda3 out for a ride, you will be able to use the trailblazing features that this compact car offers. If you are just traveling a short distance to a store or you are taking a long-distance road trip, the distance doesn’t matter; you will still get to utilize many of these functional features to enhance your security while driving. You will get alerts while driving to help prevent possible collisions. With the offered Rear Cross Traffic Alert, if your vehicle is getting approached by another vehicle quickly, you will get a helpful warning. You will also get alerts if you start to accidentally sway into a different lane than the one you are driving in with the available Lane Departure Warning System. Another convenient aspect is the visibility assistance you will get for your safety. The obtainable Adaptive Front-Lighting System makes driving at night a lot less of a hassle. When your car goes to make a turn, the lights will pivot with the vehicle to provide you with optimal visibility of the road in front of you. This way, you will be able to see any approaching hazards on the road.

See this interesting sedan in person today! In Wellesley, MA, we currently have a great variety of the 2017 Mazda3 available for you to explore. If there are any questions on the mentioned safety elements or you would like to learn about other innovative aspects to the vehicle, ask one of our knowledgeable automotive experts while you visit us at Wellesley Mazda.

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