Before you can drive away in your new or pre-owned Mazda, you--like millions of other drivers per year--probably need to set up financing for an auto loan or a lease. While paying in cash is pretty tempting, it's just not feasible for a lot of the shoppers that visit us.

That's why we offer a variety of Mazda financing options to help you get into the vehicle you want, with the payments and rates that you need.

How can you tell which path to credit approval that you should take? We've broken it down for you here:

Get Pre-Approved for Credit

  • PRO: Very accurate estimate of exactly what a lender will be willing to approve you for; shop confidently
  • CON: Requires a credit check; may not be a good option for those with thin or no credit history

Pre-Qualify for Credit

  • PRO: No credit check; informal for those who are casually shopping around
  • CON: Less accurate; may not reflect what you will get approved for through a lender
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