With exceptional lease deals in Wellesley, more and more drivers are choosing to drive a brand-new sedan, hatchback, or crossover for less. And while leasing is a fairly carefree endeavor, you still need to think long and hard about your lease-end options when your term comes to a close.

Whether you've been leasing a new car for 24 months, 36 months, or 42 months, your end-of-lease options remain largely the same:

  • Lease Again: leasing a new Mazda is fun and easy--if you want to sign a new lease as you transition out of your old car, simply browse new inventory to pick out your new model. We'll whip up paperwork, and you might be able to drive away in your new car without paying a dime up-front
  • Buy Out Your Lease: if you want to hang on to your Mazda3, Mazda6,or Mazda CX-5, you can take out a loan for the buyout amount that was pre-set at the beginning of the lease term. Depending on mileage, wear and tear, and overall vehicle condition, your Mazda might be worth more or less than the buyout amount, which may affect your decision
  • Buy A Different New or Used Car: maybe you're ready to upgrade from "lessee" to "owner". We'll take that old lease car off of your hands, and help you to find the perfect new or used car in inventory to fit your needs

Ponder your lease-end options in Wellesley, or contact us online to chat with an expert about what the best choice might be for you.

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