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The Shaker Family Gives Back....

Corey Shaker, one of the owners of Shaker Auto Group,  which Includes Shaker's KIA, Shaker's Family Ford Lincoln, Wellesley Mazda, and North Shore Mazda, along with his wife Danielle, recently attended a Masquerade Ball at the Torrington Country Club to raise money for the American Cancer Society. Corey and Danielle donated a plane ride in their twin engine plane, down the Hudson River at 900 feet off the ground, to view the New York and New Jersey skylines. In the process the lucky winner will get to see the all new World Trade Center like very few people will ever see. This is a fairy tale trip. Corey and Danielle have donated this same trip many times over the years at fundraisers like this one.




6 P.M.-10 P.M.




Halloween Driving Safety Tips

Halloween is upon us which means trick-or-treaters out and about. Please be careful especially during the hours of 4-8 p.m. when the most pedestrian accidents occur.

  • Drive slowly. Do not pass stopped vehicles as the driver may be dropping off children.
  • Avoid distractions. Wait until you are stopped to make that call or text.
  • Watch closely for children in the street.
  • Yield to pedestrians. Children may not always stop or look both ways before crossing the street.
  • Always use your turn signals.
  • Use your hazard lights if you are pulled over.



Mazda 6 is Popular Mechanics All-Purpose Champ

Popular Mechanics
May, 2013 Mazda 6
Midsize Sedans
By Ben Stewart

The last time we gathered together midsize sedans (April 2010) the Mazda6 was our fave. The result was the same this time around. The Mazda is a true beauty among these beasts, with a sleek, tight design. It could almost-almost-have a Maserati badge stuck on its decklid. But the allure of this car goes beyond the curvaceous fenders, right down to its mechanical core. Here is an upscale sport sedan masquerading as a family four-door. Its steering was crisp and precise and gave good feedback to the hands on the wheel. It cornered as if trained on the world's best tracks; to us it felt more strongly connected to the road than any other car in the test. The athletic chassis also proved to be sufficiently smooth-riding. The silken leather seats stitched with tasteful crimson thread look as though they had come from BMW's Motorsport catalog. Every Surface your elbows hit is padded with doubled-stuffed foam and wrapped in Lexus-grade leather. And the throaty four-cylinder makes this sedan move, second in quickness only to the hot-blooded Malibu. Yet, despite all this speed and sex appeal, the Mazda delivered 35.6 mpg-the best fuel economy of the group. Okay, so once you get past the sporty binnacle gauges, the interior is a little plain. And the nav screen is sized more like an iPhone than an iPad Mini. The sleek roofline creates a trunk opening that's a wee bit too narrow for cumbersome kit. Still with rear seats that both fold flat and provide plenty of space for two adults and a baby seat, the Mazda is our all-purpose champ.

Mazda 6 Competes with Honda Accord in the Family Sedan Class

Family Sedan Comparison
By Tony Quiroga
The best cars seem to arise out of desperation. After itsdivorce from Ford, Mazda lost access to Ford's platforms and parts bins. Mazda'sown engineers had to develop this sedan from scratch, but they have justdelivered a car that deserves the big promotion.
At 3294 pounds, the new 6 is lighter than the Accord by 79pounds, but a sense of lightness is not its primary characteristic. A firmsuspension, stiff structure, and weighty steering make the 6 come across as theheavier of the two: It feels more solid and composed, with less ride float andmore assertive chassis responses. In daily use, the Mazda involves its driverto a greater degree. While the Accord pulls a disappearing act, the 6 continuesto submit reports via the steering wheel, chassis, and transmission; it feelsmore focused, less remote, and more alert than the Accord, even in parkinglots.
It also loves a challenge, responding swiftly andpredictably to stern commands. Although skidpad grip and slalom times areidentical to the Accord's, the 6 achieves those numbers with more confidence.Grip is more consistent, slides start later, and tighter body control makes the6 feel more athletic on the canyon roads north of Los Angeles where we comparedthe two. The six-speed automatic responds via paddles behind the steering wheelor through the shifter itself. Even if you ignore the manual options, thetransmission will still downshift on its own if you brake hard for a corner.
In the zero-to-60 run, the 6 pulled ahead with a time of 7.0seconds. The six-speed auto snaps off shifts faster than the 6 manual we testedlast month would allow. Mazda's new 2.5-liter 184-hp four runs quietly most ofthe time, but does get slightly coarse as it nears the redline. The volumelevel at 70 mph was 69 decibels, 1dBA higher than the Accord. At idle, wenoticed a few unwanted vibes coming through the small-diameter steering wheel.
We got no bad vibes from the 6's interior. Our Grand Touringmodel was equipped with supportive almond-hued leather seats that look as ifthey were pulled out of a $50,000 car. But it's not just the seats that makethe 6's interior seem expensive. Tightly grained plastic cover the all-businessinstrument panel. Secondary controls click with a satisfying heft. The touchscreen that controls the radio is responsive, even if it is a reach. There's aniDrive-like control knob aft of the shifter that offers a much easier way tocontrol navigation and radio functions.
The 6 is slightly smaller inside than the relaxed-fitAccord, but we didn't hear any complaints from six-foot seven-inch senioreditor Jared Gall. Rear-seat room measures just short of the Accord, but atleast the 6 has a split-folding rear seat.
Able to venture further into the sports-sedan that doesn't feellike surrender. It surpasses the class norms of packaging, price, fuel economy,and refinement; but its driving dynamics, acceleration, and interior andexterior design ultimately set it apart from the herd. Accord Included.
CX-5 beats RAV4 and Forrester

June, 2014 CX-5
Crossover Comparison
By Jeff Sabatini

We knew going in that the Mazda would be our kayak. It's a sleek and tossable conveyance that should have little problem dispatching its foes. What we didn't realize was how its engine transplant would turn it into a speedboat. Okay, so zero to 60 mph in 7.6 seconds is speedy only in relative terms, but it's still a full second quicker than any of the compact crossovers we tested last year.And it's more than half-a-second ahead of the RAV4. The CX-5's 15.8-second quarter-mile would have won that comparo, too. Indeed, the 2.5 liter CX-5 had the most horsepower in this test, as well as the best power-to-weight ratio.What else is there to say?
As it turns out, plenty. The CX-5 also got raves for its looks. Its shieldlike front fascia is sharp and heroic. Mazda's sport-compact-on-stilts was the only vehicle here with 19-inch wheels and tires, which did a nice job of filling out the wheel wells. Inside, we also liked what we saw-or didn't see, as the case may be. The CX-5 interior is plain to a fault, but, like a good sports car (the original Miata comes to mind), a simple black-on-black color scheme and function-over-for control layout put the focus on driving. We did notice some interior fit-and-finish issues in the CX-5, especially the gaps between the top of the dash and the A-pillars. Its leather-wrapped steering wheel, however, offered the single-best touch point found anywhere in the group. The CX-5's brake pedal also came in for universal praise, responding more to pressure than travel and offering feedback the others lacked.
Shifts from automatic are crisp as winter air, and the CX-5's throttle responds like a small-town cop who's just heard there's a cat stuck in a tree. The six-speed seemed less likely to grab a higher gear than the Toyota's, and its willingness to hold the revs didn't hurt it at the pump, either, as the CX-5 won the fuel-economy competition by delivering 21 mpg. We weren't babying it. In fact,the CX-5 was easier to drive harder and at higher speeds than the other two.
Where the CX-5 misses is mostly located behind the driver. Like the booming resonance we kept hearing from the back seat. And speaking of the rear seat, it can't accommodate three adults for more than a few minutes at a time. The shoulder-and legroom are both cramped compared with the other vehicles in the test, even with just two passengers aboard. The rearward visibility is also compromised.
But who needs to see the laggards in this class anyway?



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With School back in full swing, it is especially important to make sure that your children are buckled up. A recent study reported that twenty-one percent of parents have said that it is acceptable for children remain unbuckled if they are not driving far.
Most accidents happen close to home! Do your children a favor and protect their lives! You may be able to control your driving but you cannot anticipate the actions of others.

Edmunds says: This shocking study should serve as a wake-up call to parents everywhere.

For more information on how to properly restrain your child read here.

Steps to Winterize Your Car

We at Wellesley Mazda want to keep you safe this winter! Follow this easy tips!
  • Replace your windshield wipers! Windshield wipers typically only work effectively for one year.
  • Fill up the windshield washer fluid while you're at it!
  • Check your tire pressure to be sure that you won't lose traction on those slippery roads
  • Make sure your batter can hold a charge. Nothing worse than being stranded in a snowstorm because your car won't start!
  • Keep your gas tank full and you've changed your oil!
  • Check that your 4WD is working
  • Make sure you belts and hoses are in good condition-cold weather can weaken them.
  • Confirm that the defrost and heat is fully functional
  • Antifreeze-50:50 is the ideal amount to mix with water in your radiator to keep it from freezing
  • Read the previous blog post to determine if you need winter tires!
  • Keep an emergency kit in your car. Some important things to include:
    • First aid kit
    • Jumper cables
    • Spare tire (tire-changing equipment)
    • Sand or kitty litter (if you need traction if you get stuck)
    • Shovel
    • Ice scraper
    • Blanket
    • Extra set of warm clothes
    • Flashlight and flares
    • Extra food and water
Winter tires vs. All season tires?

Despite the unusually mild weather we have been having as of late, winter is fast approaching and the chances that we will have a winter as mild as last year are not necessarily in our favor. We live in New England and that means we need to be prepared for New England winters as unpredictable as they may be.

So do I need winter tires or will all season tires do? ...you may ask. Well let's go over a few things.

Winter tires are designed to improve traction, braking, and handling in weather below 45 degrees and in snow and ice. The difference is the rubber which goes into winter tires, cold temperatures can freeze your all season tires solid causing them to lose traction. The unique tread design combined with the special rubber composition make winter tires the viable choice in certain parts of New England.

If you plan to only drive within the greater Boston area this winter, then all season tires with a good thread on them should be fine. However, if you are planning on doing more travelling to areas such as Western Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire regularly then it would be wise to invest in snow tires as these areas tend to see much harsher conditions.

It is important that when you are getting snow tires that you go for all four in order to get the best traction and safety.

Remember to remove snow tires after the winter because they will wear out faster than all season tires, so switch back to your all season or summer tires come springtime!

Schedule an appointment to get your winter tires soon before the snow comes!

Tuesday Tips: Tips for Cleaning the Inside of Your Car

We all know how much of a pain car cleaning can be. The more time you spend inside of your car the dirtier it gets and you don't necessarily have anytime to clean it. Well here are a few quick and easy tips to get the car back in tip top shape!

1.  Windows: Be sure to clean both the inside and outside of the window with some window cleaner (like Windex) and a paper towel.

2. Seat Belts: Use a mild and diluted laundry soap when you are cleaning them. This will make sure that the fabric that makes up the belt will stay intact.

3.  Hard to Reach Areas: I know that this will seem like a pain but it actually works! Use a toothbrush for those hard to reach areas, so you can really get into the little nooks and clean them thoroughly. Just remember that it is only a couple of small areas and that you are not cleaning an entire tile kitchen floor with a tooth brush.

4. Owner's Manual: Before you do any sort of cleaning on the fabric of you car, be sure to read the owner's manual so you can figure out what you should use. I know reading instructions is such a waste of time, but this waste of time will possibly save you time in the future and not make you very angry when you have a giant stain on one of your seats.

5. Smells: Do you have an annoying odor problem in your car that you need to get rid of? Did the number of friends who go places with you dwindle because your car smells like expired spilled milk? Well look no further than vinegar to solve your car  odor issues! "Start with a 20:1 water-to-vinegar concentration, and scrub thoroughly. If that doesn't work, slowly increase the ratio until you have success."

Do you have any neat tips that you use to clean your car? Leave them in our comments section below!

Source: CarTalk

Thank You Teachers!


To all those teachers who have helped us along the way, Wellesley Mazda  would like to say thank you for all you have done for us! Whether it was staying after school to help us with math homework or coming in early to make a great lesson plan for the day, thanks for all you have done. 

Who was your favorite teacher? Let us know in the comments section below!

My favorite teacher was Mrs. L. She would stay after school, no matter if you were in her class or just needed help, to make sure you understood how to do certain math problems. At one time she stayed after school with me for 2 hours until I understood how to solve this calculus problem. So a big thanks goes to Mrs. L!

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