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4 Reasons You Should Consider Buying A Used Mazda

Have you been scouring the market for a Mazda vehicle? While you can certainly make your life easier by going to the dealership and buying one brand new, if you really want to make the most out of your money, then buying used is a great way to go. Of course, affordability isn't the only benefit you'll get when looking for a used Mazda. There are a ton of other advantages from shopping pre-loved. Let’s explore a few of them!

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Enduring Winter in your Mazda

Winter is in full swing and it is not coming to an end anytime soon. With that in mind it is a good opportunity to learn about a few ways that you can work to keep your car running smoothly throughout these incredibly harsh months.

Firstly, if you in the market for a new car then there is no better place to come than Wellesley Mazda in Wellesley, MA, where we have plenty of great models ready to tackle this season. Being that the winter season brings a wide variety of weather, one great way to feel more comfortable on…

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Check engine light diagnostics at Wellesley Mazda offer peace of mind

An ominous glow pulls your gaze down to your dashboard--and, groans abound, your check engine light is on.

Don't panic--but do act. The check engine light is one of the few indicators on your dashboard that could mean a variety of things. While your tire pressure light only refers to air pressure, and your low gas light just means you need to fill up soon, the little glowing engine could be just an inconvenience... or a big problem.

Don't wait around to find out which.

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Financing made fast and easy with pre-approval process at Wellesley Mazda


Before you can drive away in your new or pre-owned Mazda, you--like millions of other drivers per year--probably need to set up financing for an auto loan or a lease. While paying in cash is pretty tempting, it's just not feasible for a lot of the shoppers that visit us.

That's why we offer a variety of Mazda financing options to help you get into the vehicle you want, with the payments and rates that you need.

How can you tell which path to credit approval that you should take? We've broken it down for you here…

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Treat your Mazda to a back-to-school cleaning in Wellesley

Back-to-school season is a fun time of year--especially for parents.

But if summer vacation took a harder toll on the interior of your car than you thought (gum on the floors, grass stains on the upholstery, and melted crayons in the seat cushions) than its time to treat your car to a spa day at Wellesley Mazda.

With great deals on auto service and car detailing, we can do the dirty work to get the sights, smells, and residual messes of summer out of your upholstery so you can welcome in fall the right way.

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Tips for smart road-trip sessions in your Mazda

Looking to get in one last big road trip before summer leaves us? The team at Wellesley Mazda put our heads together to collect some top tips for long-distance drives out of Massachusetts.

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Take breaks: just because you don't feel tired or distracted doesn't mean that you aren't; be sure to take a break every few hours or few hundred miles to get out of the car and walk around. Stretch your muscles, get your heart rate up with some jumping jacks, and grab a snack. If you feel tired after your break, it's time to…

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